An Adventure Elopement is your wedding day! It is intimate & personal, being either just you & your fiance, or up to 30 people, depending on hiking guidelines / venue maximums. Getting married how you want to matters.

You can do your hair & makeup, or not. You could wear a wedding dress or suit, or not! Rock a veil or flower crown, or go with your natural look. It's about being completely yourself, with no judgement or expectation.


Elopements can be kept local, or you can travel anywhere you could dream up; the possibilities are endless. NY has a lot to offer from fields, to mountain tops, to rivers, lakes and waterfalls.


We are here to help guide you through the entire process. I an elopement planner, as well as one of two photographers in the Noxon team. We often work with 2 down to earth, amazing officiants featured on our vendor page. 

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How it works:



We will chat via email or on the phone and get to know one another. This is when we'll find out what ideas you have for your elopement, and we can start the planning process!


reserve your elopement date

Once you have reserved your date, we'll nail down a location for your elopement. What we do is gather information to know exactly what you're looking for, and then we will create a list of locations and vendor recommendations for you to pick from.

If you know exactly where you want your elopement, just let us know, and we'll help you plan it all!


have an amazing wedding day!

HOORAY! Your elopement day is here!

Your big day will be documented in it's entirety:

Getting ready

The adventure

First look 


Your celebrations;

First dance

Cake / Dinner

Bonfire, etc.

Star gazing 

We will document every last beautiful moment from your adventure elopement. 


You will have sneak peeks in 1 week, and your whole album within 8 weeks.

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