Waterfall Wedding

Things to Know Before Having a Waterfall Wedding

A waterfall wedding is, ceremony that is held by a rushing cascade, creating a beautiful setting and backdrop for memories, guests and photos. However, before settling on this type of setting, there are a number of things to consider first.
Waterfalls are gorgeous, but they are also wet and can be a little chilly, depending on location and time of year. It’s important to think about where the bride and groom and officiant will stand, as well as all the guests. If people can sit than that’s a bonus, but many waterfalls don’t have a lot of seating areas. Rocks or tree stumps can be chairs if your guests like nature. People of all ages need to be in proper footwear such as Merril hiking sneakers or boots, or combat boots.


Hiking on your wedding day means being over prepared. Bringing umbrellas, jackets, change of clothes, even a blanket in case it gets cold. On a recent trip for a California Adventure Elopement, change in elevation from Bishop, CA to Mammoth, CA was 85 to 35 degrees! But no worries, we make sure our couples are prepared. We assist in location scouting, elopement planning, and Brittany, the wife-half of Noxon Photography is ordained to marry you.