Travel Wedding Photographers

Things Travel Wedding Photographers must Know

Aspiring travel wedding photographers should know a number of things before they start down this career path, as it will otherwise be a bad experience and ultimately cost them a lot of time and money.
First, you’ll need to make a degree of investment to really get going, such as a camera like the Nikon D7200, or Canon Mark II. Invest in a sturdy tripod Lightroom to edit on your computer. You’ll need to build a portfolio to start as well. You will need to travel light and be ready to shoot at all times when traveling, and not miss little moments between brides and grooms, grooms and grooms, brides and brides, you get it! Noxon Photography gives priority to all LGBTQ and IBPOC, because equality and diversity are important to us. 

You’ll want to coordinate schedules with the couple getting married, and the rest of the wedding party so you can catch as much as possible. It may take a few of these jobs to really get the hang of it, or it may take you a while to grow. It's okay to go at your own pace! There's no finish line. But of course, everyone wants inquiries that lead to weddings or elopements. Getting there, like I said previously, in my path, has been more customer service along with photo quality. "Always stay humble and kind."