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The Noxon's Top 5 Reasons to Elope.

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

Hello everyone!

With the craziness going on in the world right now, we have been asked A LOT, why people choose to elope.

Below are some of the reasons we've found couples to have chosen this option.

1.) The Pandemic.

**Labeling this as #1 because this is currently the most popular reason with our couples.**

People who would have never chosen an elopement before, are now choosing to elope simply because. they want to marry the love of their life on the date they originally chose. That may mean not everyone can come to celebrate, and that's okay. Choosing an elopement due to these hard times during COVID-19 doesn't meant you can't have a reception later. Maybe you've been eating salad for a year and a half and want to wear that beautiful wedding dress. Maybe you're planning on a baby for next year, and don't want those plans interrupted. We are here to tell you we are SO sorry your plans are getting disrupted, but that we are SO proud of you for focusing on the most important part of the wedding: YOU.

2.) Intimacy.

If you are an introvert, all around shy person, or have a small circle, elopements are for you! Say goodbye to stress and large crowds. Say goodbye to drama over who got invited or who didn't get a plus one. Say hello to allowing yourself to be yourself. No pressure. No obligation. Just you, marrying your other half. The intimacy of two people versus 200 is perfect if you don't like to be the center of attention.

3.) Focus.

The focus of an elopement is not so much about throwing a party for everyone to enjoy, but rather just the opposite. Keeping your focus on each other, your priorities and how YOU envision your wedding day. Whether that be in your apartment, backyard, mountain top, by a waterfall, in a church, next to the ocean or while watching the sunset... YOU choose how the day goes. We help you create the perfect timeline, and are there to keep everything on track.

4.) Experience.

Eloping can be traditional or all out different. Like we said above, you can elope however YOU want to. Some couples choose an all day elopement experience, usually 8-10 hours. An example of an Adirondack Elopement we've had the pleasure of planning, officiating and photographing, started with brunch and getting ready. Led to their first look at a local waterfall, then a hike to a mountain summit, had time to fix their hair and makeup before for the ceremony at sunset, then to a brewery to celebrate with drinks and dinner. Lastly, champagne and cake around a bonfire where the couple had their first dance under the stars. A special night they will never forget.

5.) Cost.

The average wedding in New York State in 2019 costed brides and grooms upwards of $48,6000, according to So many couples are choosing to elope so that they can save this money, rather than spend it on one evening together. I say that with love, because I had a wedding reception of my own! I wanted that party. But looking back, having a down payment for a house, or even just some money in the bank, is absolutely a wise option.

If your friend or family member is choosing to elope, please do not discourage this for them. Planning an elopement is just as exciting as planning a big wedding! A couple that's in love with one another, should never need to feel guilty for marrying someone. Or, having their wedding the way they want to.

Are you planning an elopement?

Was your wedding effected by COVID-19?

Please, reach out. We'd love to plan and make this a stress free experience for you!

Email for further details:

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