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Meet the Noxons

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Noxon Photography: Meet the Noxons

In October of 2016, my husband and I took off in our RV to travel the country. Here we are, 5 years later, as entrepreneurs and loving our minimalistic lifestyle. Home to us is the Adirondack Mountains. Wondering how we ended up residing in a tiny town called Lake Desolation & becoming adventure elopement photographers? We found our passion in photography when we started hiking around NY and capturing landscape photos. For me it was about so much more then "just a photo." It was about the experience of getting to the top of the mountain, or deep in a gorge... and being able to savor that moment forever. Colorado, Arizona and California had us mesmerized by the jagged, rocky landscape. We took some self portraits along the way. It wasn't until we got home later and put together an album that realized, capturing a moment between two people in those places, is so much more meaningful than the landscape itself.

Moments can not ever be recreated, they are special, fleeting little parts of your life. We adore capturing the story of someone's love. We don't just mean the posed portraits. We mean the candid moments, the in between moments, those random kisses and belly laughs... all of it. You deserve to have your wedding day captured without a moment missed. You deserve that at your engagement session or mini session, too. We care about every picture we take.

We are Brittany and Dewitt, and we planned our own waterfall wedding ceremony in the Catskill Mountains in Upstate New York in July of 2018 when we got back from our cross country road trip. The intimacy of having just our close family & friends was unlike any big wedding we've ever attended, and we feel that more people deserve to have a wedding that doesn't feel like a Broadway show. Big shout out to The Ramsdens (Caitlinn and Brian) for being amazing people & photographers.

Our extensive knowledge about the Adirondacks, Catskills and Finger Lakes regions (having lived in each part of the state,) has helped us plan the most wonderful intimate wedding or adventurous elopements for our clients! We completely cater to the engaged couple's input on what they're looking for on their wedding day, Eloping it isn't about "the best location." It's about the couple's "why," and who they are as people. It's about how a mountain top makes someone feel, about how nature is their church, or about how they're connected in a certain way. We are not just your photographers... we are your friends and assistants in the elopement planning process, right down to being your officiant & witnesses. (Yes, this is a part of our elopement package!!)

Life is about living, and that's our message.

You don't need to live up to someone else's expectation of what your wedding day should be.

If you want to elope, do it!

It isn't often we talk about ourselves on our blog, social media or website. So here's a little sneak peek into a couple of our favorite adventures over the last decade together.

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