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New York Adventure Elopement Ideas

New York Adventure Elopement Ideas

When one thinks of an adventure elopement, the first thing that comes to mind is a destination wedding. But why travel out of NYS when the East Coast has just as much to offer as the West Coast? Waterfalls, lakes, mountain tops, city skylines... Aside from the cliffs along the ocean, you name it, NY has it for a backdrop on your wedding day. The Northeast has a ton to offer!

Where to begin? Think of the time of year you want to elope. NY has many seasons, and all come with natural wonders.

Spring has so much rain that it's an epic time to get married near a waterfall because they will all be rushing! (That's my kind of rager.) The Hudson Valley & Finger Lakes are amazing if you're thinking about a waterfall adventure elopement.

Summer will be very humid and hot, so getting married by a lake, in a wide open field, or even down near Fire Island is always a good idea. The humidity makes for some amazing sunrises and sunsets!

Autumn in NY is widely known for the beauty of fall foliage. So many different kinds of trees to make a rainbow blanket cover the contours of the mountains. The weather cools down, and so do the bugs! Hiking a mountain is always fun this time of year. The Adirondack Park is usually the first to hit peak first, in early October. The entire state is gorgeous this time of year.

Winter in New York is MAGICAL. Don't listen to what anyone says - if you want to get married in the winter, do it! You will not regret it. The mountains are snow capped, the streets & forests are quiet, the lakes and waterfalls are frozen. I cannot say enough about how much we adore winter adventure elopements!

Once you pick your date, it's time to lock in a photographer & sign your contract. As Adventure Elopement Photographers, we help you plan & pick a location, & put together your elopement day timeline. What's important you & what you want to include is completely up to you. Your day, your way.

Weddings for the wildly in love.

NY Elopement Photographers

Tips on How to Elope in NY for under 3k:

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