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Lake George Elopement

Lake George is picturesque all year round, but there's something about sweet summertime and everything going on around you. I don't know if any of you have ever been here in the winter, but it is desolate. Only 10% of the strip remains open, and only the locals come out to play. But in the summer... There's kids swimming on Million Dollar Beach, pavilions filled with wedding guests, and my new favorite, boat crusies touring this spring fed lake.

James and Carrie were married on Lac du Saint Sacrement on a perfect, sunny day. The water sparkled on the surface of the water, and was crystal clear all the way down to the light, tan sand. As Carrie's father walked her down the aisle towards her husband to be, I could see in their eyes, a forever kind of love.

We are always honored to capture genuine love between two people.

Those fiery moments, the ones that light up the room...

These two, are meant for each other.

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