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How to Plan an Adventure Elopement

How to Plan an Adventure Elopement

So, you're thinking of having an adventure elopement but don't know where to start? Well, start with ditching the idea of what everyone else wants, and think about how you want to spend your big day. If you want something unique or different, maybe eloping adventurously is the right option for you.

Start by thinking about what & where excites you both. Start a pinterest board and start pinning inspirational places and styles. You can also do this on a vision board if you're like me and need everything to be tactile.

Once you have a solid location in mind, get in touch with a local photographer. Choosing a photographer who knows the area is a huge advantage as they know what spots are likely to have large crowds and which ones will be quiet. They should let you know in advance.

Your photographer is likely going to help you plan the elopement if you don't specifically hire an "elopement planner."

When I book a couple the steps are as follows;

  1. Pick a location.

  2. Set a date.

  3. Review & sign a contract.

  4. Retainer fee to hold your date.

  5. Start the planning process!

Book a hotel or Air BNB

The planning process of an elopement is quite simple. Book a hotel or Air BNB near where you would like to elope. (I often recommend High Peaks Rentals.) The views from the cabins are out of this world, and it serves as a great back up option for a wedding ceremony if need be due to weather.

*Photo from High Peaks Rentals backyard!

Have a Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C

Weather in the Adirondack Mountains - or any mountains - is very unpredictable. We joke here in the Northeast and say, "If you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes." If it were to *lightly* rain or snow, no biggie. There are covered bridges and wooded areas that serve as a nice way to still get outside for your elopement. But sometimes, hurricanes and blizzards don't allow for an outdoor wedding. 2 things to remember;

1.) Plan ahead and come prepared.

2.) Who you marry matters more than where you marry them.

There are also gorgeous venues such as "River Ranch Lake Placid," and "Scott's Cobble at Experience Outdoors." But if you're on a strict budget, it may not be in the cards and we get that here at Noxon Photography.

Creating a Timeline

Timing is important on an elopement day, and so is lighting. If you get married at noon in the bright sun, this is chancing harsh shadows on your faces. As your photographer and planner I will let you know the best lighting is in the early morning and the late evening. Let's say you want a 4 hour elopement, your timeline would look something like this -

*September - sun sets at 7:40 pm.*

4:00 - Arrive, meet, getting ready shots

5:00 - Leave for location

5:30 - Arrive at field location (no hike for this example.)

5:45 - First look with couple

6:00 - Ceremony starts

6:15 - Ceremony ends

*15 minutes to breathe each other in and absorb that you just got married!!!*

6:45 - Portraits

7:15 - Hang out together, eat cake / cookies / doughnuts, pop champagne, celebrate!!!

7:40 - Sunset, first dance

8:00 - Depart

Book your catering company, cake, florals & officiant

Whether you choose a food truck, a catering company, going out to dinner, or simply getting a pizza... plan it in advance. You can have a luxury cake or you can bring your own cookies and milk. You can get flowers from a florist or you can pick your own bouquet. It's all up to you.

Pick out a wedding dress and suit, or don't

You can choose to get fancy on your elopement day or you can choose not to. We've had couples in all sorts of attire, your day - your way.

Once all details are squared away, waiting for your elopement is an exciting time!! I am here for you during the whole process, just a call or email away.

Thinking of eloping in NY? Let's chat!!! The Adirondack Mountains have a lot to offer. From mountain views, to lakes, to waterfalls, to cozy cabins in the woods, it's here.