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Has your wedding been delayed due to COVID? Here's why you should consider an Adventure Elopement...

When many people think of an elopement the first thing that comes to mind is the courthouse. Traditionally I understand it was a quick process. However, it doesn't need to be! You can get married any way you want to. You can elope close to home, or you can travel far away. With Coronavirus still ripping through the US, eloping close to home is a great option for us New Yorkers. When it comes to an adventure elopement, all rules go out the window. You call the shots, and I help you create a custom timeline. We have the ocean, we have mountains, we have lakes, rivers, waterfalls and fields... You name it, we have it when it comes to gorgeous landscapes. And don't even get me started with our city skylines!

Meet Lisa and Ben, these two had a large wedding planned at Henry Hill Farm for July 18, 2020. As devastating as it was to need to cancel their original plans, they didn't let that stop them from getting married. We created a 6 hour timeline that began with their first look, at Rensselaerville Falls in Hyuck Preserve. It was incredible they were able to spend a full hour just being together on their wedding day. After we hiked around for a while, and they soaked up that they were about to get married, we headed to Lisa's parent's house. They had a beautiful arbor and benches set up, much like Henry Hill to be quite honest. The two lovebirds said their vows in the woods and declared to spend their lives with each other.

An adventure elopement is a wonderful option as it extends your wedding day experience. There is no need to cut an elopement short. You can invite guests to wine and dine with, or you can choose to keep it at you and your photographers, (I just so happen to be an officiant as well!) If you want a reception, you could always have a small one at a friend or family's house, a venue or restaurant, or even at an Air BNB. If you'd like a large reception you could absolutely always have one, when all restrictions are lifted on venues. But the point to this blog post, since that time frame is truly unclear, is to show couples there is another option. What I find to be very interesting and uplifting about this option, is couples never have a single regret about making their wedding day centered around simply their love for one another.

If your wedding day was effected by COVID-19 and you still want to get married, do it! We will be here for you every step of the way.

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