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Engagement Sessions: A Guide for the best Fall Engagement Photos!

A Guide for the best Fall Engagement Photos:

Hey hey! Brittany here from Noxon Photography. I am here to give you some tips for your fall engagement photos.

First, choose a location for your session. We have a long list to go over with you for suggestions and we are always open to new places!

Second, choosing an outfit. Neutral colors like white, tan and grey pop against the deep colors of Autumn. Atop a windy mountain summit, a long, flowy dress dances in the wind. Highly recommend this option! Bring a jacket, and skin-colored leggings under your dress. We will always bring you a blanket, coffee or cocoa to warm up with.

Third, if we're doing anything more than a walk in a field, we need to be prepared and bring all of the proper gear. If we are hiking in the fall, be prepared we may hit some snow in the Adirondacks! The mix of seasons is a real potential. Ice spikes are required for any mountain hiking in the fall as a precautionary measure. The higher in elevation we go, the more snow and ice we will likely see.

Fourth, have the best time ever! We like to create a date like experience for our clients. It's not just us saying, "Hey look here and smile," the whole time. We may create a little picnic, enjoy some wine and cheese or pop some champagne to celebrate your engagement.

We find the best photos are of you two being authentically yourselves;

-Enjoying a view or sight seeing together

-A sweet kiss and those beautiful, in between moments

-Giggling or tickling each other!

Location hopping within a 15 mile radius is a really fun way to explore and create a plethora of backgrounds for your complete album as well!

Fifth, let loose! No matter where you pick for your fall engagement photos, choose to have fun with them. Shake off the anxiety of a camera in your face and know that we are just here to document you being yourselves, together, in a beautiful place!

Just a tip - we leave no trace and leave the trails or fields better than we found them because there is no Planet B.

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