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Elopement or Wedding... but why choose?

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Noxon Photography is here to tell you, you truly don't have to choose between an elopement and a wedding day if you don't want to.

Sounds crazy, right? But it's not!

Why can't you elope where and when you want to, and have a reception later?

Meet Brecka and Nick...

They live life on the edge, consistently. They are risk takers, completely head over heels in love with one another, and the greatest doggy parents. Brecka moved to Colorado and Nick joined her shortly after. To see the two of them interact, the way they look at each other was so beautiful.

These two chose to elope in the San Juan Mountains in Colorado. Holy smokes was it gorgeous, and completely fitting for the two of them. I've followed Brecka on Instagram for years now, and their adventures never cease to amaze me. Saying your vows is such an intimate, personal moment. You should be able to marry the love of your life exactly how YOU imagine it. And if you want to celebrate with your friends and family later, you can also do that!!

Nick and Brecka held a BBQ reception at their parents house in the Adirondacks on their 1 year anniversary. When they asked me to document some family portraits because they don't see each other often, I was so excited to be a part of this for them. Brecka insisted this was not a wedding, and we didn't need to be on our cameras all day long. She was correct in that it was not a traditional wedding by any means. But again, their reception suited them, just as the moment they said their vows. Just because they didn't have some fancy reception didn't mean we weren't going to capture them hugging their loved ones as they poured in to celebrate their love with them, or their new baby niece because next time they see her, she may be as big as her sister. Capturing your moments and your emotions are so important to us, because we know, they are important to you.

You can elope, and have a wedding reception. ANY way YOU want to. Do not let the expectation of others stop you from climbing a mountain and saying your vows with the sunrise, just as some of you may not be able to fathom leaving your grandma behind in that moment. Both of those are equally as important to different couples, and that's what we love about weddings.

How you want to get married, matters.

Are you considering something like this?

Let's chat about what you have in mind!

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