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DIY Weddings

"DIY," or, Do It Yourself weddings are incredibly unique, down to every last detail. Katie and Ross's big day was a mix of edgy & woodland. Their friend's all wore 50's style attire, and all of the gals looked like magazine style pin up girls.Which I found out later was not uncommon for them on the regular! The cool breeze from the Hudson River felt amazing next to the tent on such a warm summer day. Hadley, NY is nestled in a quiet part of the Adirondack Mountains.

I had the opportunity to second shoot Katie and Ross's wedding thanks to a friend, Meredith! She had the gals early on in the day, and I had the gents while setting up the tent, flowers, kegs, catering, (Ross's small business, Northway Catering Co.) I will not discredit that DIY weddings, can mean a "working wedding." Meaning the bride and groom are responsible for set up and take down. But truly, it is so worth it if you want a personalized wedding! Asking friends and family for help should always be an option. People who love you, love to help out for one of the biggest events of your life. Wedding planners and coordinators are also a very helpful resource to keep everything on track.

I love that the guys chose to get ready outdoors. It made for an amazing bokeh and green backdrop, different from your typical hotel room! I got to play with the natural light, and with the sun slowly setting in the background, I got just the right angle for a rainbow sunburst while Ross's best man helped him put on his jacket.

Katie arrived just as Ross was done getting his son, Gavin ready. Their first look was absolutely adorable! Katie hid behind a big, old tree. Ross grabbed her hand and they walked in toward each other. They had the biggest smiles on their faces, Ross's dimples totally took over his cheeks, and they gave each other the sweetest hug and kiss. Such a real, romantic love.

The ceremony is usually always my absolute favorite part of the wedding. Even when you choose to do a first look, it never seems to take away from the teary eyed vibe of you walking down the aisle, towards your person, and your future together.

Cocktail hour is always fun when the bride and groom choose to interact with their friends and family. Not only do we get to shoot tons of portraits at the first look, but we get to document so many genuine congratulations, interactions, and guests there to celebrate with you. We love getting photos of the important people & couples at your wedding!

The reception decor was my absolute favorite, as well as the ska/punk music to go with their personalities! All of the motorcycle gas tanks were from friends who had them laying around, how neat is that?! From the first dance to the last, the two newlyweds danced the night away with their closest loved ones. DIY weddings are so worth it.

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Event Planning recommendation:

Location recommendation:

Anywhere you can get a permit to pop up an event tent.

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