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Brooklyn Bridge Park Portraits

Brooklyn Bridge Park Portraits

I had a blast traveling 3 hours south of the Adirondacks to do a portrait session with a good friend of mine, Seema. She is a doll and we had so much fun location hopping all over Brooklyn. We started at the Brooklyn Bridge, and then took a walk to some street art and wrapped up at the Brooklyn Bridge Park. New York City is always fast and busy, and I love that about it. The ability to capture a stopped moment in time here? Totally priceless.

Seema, thank you for helping me bring this dream to life. I've wanted to do a session like this since I had a film Nikon F3 in my hands in 2008 - here we are 2 careers & 13 years later - making it happen. I'm so proud of who we've become & what we've both accomplished since working at Albany Med together and how far I know we still have to go. You're going big places in one of the biggest & most beautiful places in the world. Opportunity is all around us. We just need to seize it, and that's what I hoped to capture during our session. You are one powerful being & I am lucky to call you my friend.

I always meet such amazing people in NYC. I had so many wonderful conversations yesterday, do you know why? Because I am an open book and I love to get to know all of the beautiful souls on this planet. NYC is the best, most diverse place and I wish I had the opportunity to be there more often! So like, who wants to do a session / get married in this beautiful place?!

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