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Adirondack Mountain Proposal

Adirondack Mountain Proposal in Lake George

It is an honor to document such a big milestone for couples. Proposing is taking the next step in your relationship & in your adult life. It makes sense you'd want someone to capture that moment to keep forever!

Lily & Joshua were visiting Lake George with their families.

They all told Lily they were on a hike for Joshua's birthday.

To be discrete, I hiked to the top of The Pinnacle in Lake George before them. I arrived at 11:30 & knew they planned to arrive at 12:00. I hid in the woods, and awaited for them to crest the top of the mountain.

Joshua had clear instructions to go out onto the ledge where I would have a clear shot of him proposing to Lily from where I was sitting in the woods. It was important for me to have known the trail we were going to be hiking for this reason.

The moment was absolutely perfect & I am so grateful to have been there to witness & document their love story. I'll never get over how lucky I am to do what I do, where I love to do it. The Adirondack Mountains are the perfect place to propose!


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