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5 Best Poses for an Engagement Session or Wedding

Updated: May 22, 2021

5 Best Poses for an Engagement Session or Wedding

Having a camera in your face for the first time ever can be so intimidating! Our goal is to make your photography experience super fun, and we want you to be authentically yourselves. Personally, we want our couples to walk away from their engagement sessions and weddings feeling like they just made 2 lifelong friends. We want everyone to feel comfortable and relaxed.

It's so often our couples tell us,

"We're awkward!" or "We don't know what to do with our hands."

Well, your photographer should make this process seamless, & they should know what to do with your hands!

Here's 5 of our favorite go-to poses:

1.) "The Classic Portrait"

Everyone wants several nice portraits of themselves at their engagement session or wedding. We can get so caught up in trying to give our clients every unique pose in the book, that we forget the most simple thing, portraits. Here at Noxon Photography, we always make sure we get a far away shot including landscape, where the clients look tiny. Then an up close full body shot with their whole outfit including shoes, a close mid-waist to head portrait, and a head shot. You cannot have too many portraits, but you can have too few.

2.) "The Jump Kiss"

Romantic photos are what we play for! Documenting sweet little moments shared between couples is what got us hooked on photography. The Jump Kiss is my absolute favorite. You don't actually jump onto your significant other, but it does appear as such! Instead, he/she will pick you up under your bottom, lift you up so your head is above theirs, and you look into each other's eyes for a moment and then kiss! It. Is. SO. Dreamy!

3.) "The Dip Kiss"

Some people tell us, "Oh hell no!" to The Jump Kiss. The Dip Kiss is always a cute alternative!! Have the person doing the dipping hold the other person around their back & waist to help them dip backwards.

4.) "The Twirl"

Twirling your gal when she's in a dress is always a good idea. At an engagement session, a great prompt to use for this is, "Do you want to practice your wedding dance?" And that will likely get some real, raw emotion out of your couple, too. (Plan ahead for this, and download their wedding song.) This is the best way to get movement in their dresses. If you don't ask them to move around, twirl or make their dress flow, you're missing out on a really great opportunity for a unique shot. (As you can see, this one is a favorite of our's!!)

5.) "The Belly Laugh"

Ever wonder how photographers get genuine laughs out of people? It's called prompt photography, and it's actually hilarious and so incredibly simple. Have your couple sit, (or stand,) really close to each other. You ready for this prompt? Have one person whisper into the other person's ear - their favorite cereal in a "sexy voice." Sabrina and Brandon got a huge kick out of this one! She whispered, "Cheeriooooos," and Brandon goes, "Really?! Cheerios are your favorite?!" I think we laughed as hard as they did.


At a wedding, if a bride is wearing a veil... play with it! Have someone throw it up in the air, and snap shots on continuous high until the veil falls to her back. You won't regret it, and it will likely be your bride's favorite photo of all time.

Let's chat about your engagement session or wedding, shall we?!

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