National Park Wedding

How to Have a National Park Wedding

Having a national park wedding these days, with so much attention needing to be paid to our natural environment in general, is a great idea. However, it takes a bit of planning and coordination. 
First, make sure you know exactly where you want to have this national park wedding, all the way down to where the ceremony will be held, where the reception will be held and where people will be staying. Once you know those places, we can help you nail down availability based on schedule and then make sure you can reserve lodgings for people who are attending. This will be a bit of balancing act between people RSVP’ing and the number of rooms that are available when you want to have the ceremony. Then finding a great wedding photographer such as ourselves, Noxon Photography. We are sure to obtain all of the permits required. All fees such as this that would be something you'd have to obtain, however that is included in our elopement packages!

We genuinely care about what you take away from your big day. You will not just be "wowed" by mountains, and have an all day photo shoot. You will have the intimacy on your wedding day you're craving. We're there to capture your genuine moments like in between kisses and hugs with besties, or an open fire with some guitars and good beers.