Destination Elopement

The Perks of Destination Elopement

Destination elopement is, as it’s name suggests, the process of heading to a beautiful destination like Lake Placid, NY or Lake Tahoe, CA to get married! What's great about our seamless process is we help you plan your elopement, start to finish. Brittany, the wife half of Noxon Photography, is also ordained to marry you. 

You can go without all of the formalities of a large wedding, or if the couple chooses, to have the formalities! It is anything you wish it to be, it is your big day. We are not bashing big weddings, just simply stating they are not for everyone. While this might seem rash to some people who have always dreamed of having a classic wedding with all of their friends and family, this type of marriage has a number of perks. Here are a few of them; 
First, you get to save a lot of money, time and stress on planning and have a full-blown wedding. 

Based on The Knot World Wide's findings, US couples in 2019 host an average of 126 guests with a total wedding spend of $29,200. That's more than a down payment on a getting your actual life started with a family if you have one, or if you're just not into putting on a show for everyone else.