Adventure Elopement Photographer

Where Would an Adventure Elopement Photographer Go?

When working as an adventure elopement photographer, you will go to places you never may only would have imagined going yourself. This is just a perk of the job. For us, it is much more fulfulling to marry a couple in their dream destination, surrounded by people who know them to their core. They feel so good being just themselves in that scenerio.


This is 100% my dream job. It isn't all about the place, it's about keeping the intimacy of the couple.

So this means you could go to a massive waterfall in some rainforest, or to a city in India or to a desert in the middle of nowhere. In truth, just about any beautiful destination in the world is a wonderful place for a couple to get married and many are an adventure to access in the first place. The adventure elopement photographer is there to document the beginning of a much longer adventure between the happy couple together.